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The Courier is a free community newspaper whose first publication as ‘The Blaby Courier’ was in September 1972.  The first editions were just eight pages in black and white, using sticking and pasting technology.

As the years progressed, with more volunteers and more advertisers we now publish ten editions a year, in colour with 32 and more pages.  Modern computer technology has enabled us to progress to digital formatting of the newspaper.

We use professional printers for the finished article, some are delivered to shops in the three villages, but mostly the ‘Friends of the Courier’ deliver house to house in their neighbouring streets where they live.

In 2012 we celebrated our 40th year in print.  For this occasion we asked local schools to design the front page and chose the the one from Glen Hills Primary School, which depicted a stop watch divided into quarters to celebrate each of our decades.  1972 - 1982, the Queen’s Jubilee, 1982 - 1992, space travel, 1992 - 2002, the millennium and finally 2002 -2012, the Olympic Games.

Glen Parva Parish Council

Whetstone Parish Council

Blaby Parish Council

Blaby District Council

Huncote Kennels

St Peter’s Primary School

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Glenhills S & S Club

Countersthorpe Community College

Countesthorpe Leyland Community College

Leyland High School